Nana: the space-time travelling witch

A space-time travelling adventure following two girls trying to connect with their ancestral pasts. Very much in-progress. ^^



Hammered this out over the space of a week to get it out of my system so it’s rough around the edges but, at least it exists in the world, now.

This story has been stewing for a while, but major influences recently has been the podcast episode “The Witch Who Came From Mars” on Flash Forward. I loved the computer’s description of witches (included in the intro), and thought of my own backstory around it. It helped to flesh out the witches backstory.

I couldn’t help sprinkling in some other clumsy sci-fi references. See how many you can spot and let me know!? : P


Jane is named after my favourate artist & afrofuturist Janelle Monae <3

Nana’s name I struggled with, so I settled on a cross between another great artist, Nina Simone (did you catch the song reference in the comic?) & Nanny of the Maroons.

Anansi is inspired by the folk tale character, and has that name because of the playful nature & because I want them to be the bridge between earth & space travellers.

Anyway, yeah. Feel free to comment below or email me or tweet @chazberi 

Much love <3 x


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2 thoughts on “Nana: the space-time travelling witch

  1. That scene in the market “you don’t understand the true value of things around here. Guys like that will take the lot. Sod the rest, and spend the rest of their lives trying to hold onto it.” Love it. So great to see this. Strong and multi-faceted female characters and fun dynamic dialogue, there isn’t enough quality content like this on the internet. Please keep going. xxxxxxxxx

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