Kill Ana: A Graphic Novel

Kill Ana is a graphic novel about living with Ella’s eating disorder, co-written together.

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When I googled my best friend’s BMI, search results said ‘Death Imminent’.

What should you do when someone you love has an anorexia?

What shouldn’t you do?

What CAN you do?

Here are a few excerpts from out upcoming graphic novel (in no particular order):

While living in a shared house together in our penultimate year of University, we tried get Ella to healthy enough weight so that she could pass her health examination without getting sectioned.

In Part 4, we both start to feel the strain of dealing with the very real consequences of trying to manage it by ourselves…

In Part 1, Ella shares her insight into Anorexia.

We used the Maudsley NHS team’s animal models to present a visual representation of the different styles of caring, in order to better understand the behaviour’s that can either help or hinder someone with an eating disorder.

One of our goals when writing Kill Ana was to help bridge the gap of understanding between sufferers of a mental illness & by standers.

Everyone’s story is different, so we’re adding ours to the conversation around this particular eating disorder.

Anorexia has the highest mortality rate of any mental illness and we still don’t have a ‘cure’.

Most people I know still consider it an ‘extreme diet’, even though there are 30 million sufferers in the US alone according to the National Eating Disorder Association, and 1.6 million in the UK, where the story is based.

This story takes another perspective to a much misunderstood, underestimated and easily dismissed mental illness.

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