“I Defy Every Label”: A Janelle Monae Fanzine

“i defy every label” – how monae’s androids inspire me to think about our programming

In this climate of Tories, Brexit, Trump, Inequality, Ignorance, Xenophobia & the muddling of the truth to keep us confused and ineffective, Janelle Monae’s music gets me feeling ready to rally.

It her androids that I wanted to focus on for this fanzine. They remind me that I have my own pre-programming & complacency to be wary of!

Because the greatest risk to my freedom right now is the ability & will to stand up and say “no” to it all.

But how do we share the right messages to a populace so entrenched in prejudices that any rational argument is automatically tarred as radical extremism?

How do we break out of this distorted echo chamber purporting to be news?

I believe it starts with us. Reprogramming the way we think, act & react.

It’s an active process that we can only do for ourselves, which we can do together.

I’m sounding preachy as hell and Janelle conveys my sentiments best in her music anyway, so go check her out!

March to the streets cuz I’m willing & I’m able

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I Defy Every Label ~ 😀

This zine can be bought online for £2.60


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