The Neighbours

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foxes by charlotte bailey charlotte with film

Some wild neighbourhood foxes playing at the park stop to share some wisdom.   I couldn’t believe how close these wild foxes came up to me and I had to make a short film with the footage. I imagined the foxes wanted to tell me something… Stories are the fastest way to take in information […]

Days: a Time Capsule (Short Film June 2020)

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Days: a Time Capsule is a short film about a family going about their day in lock-down. New memories give us a sense of time, but when every day is the same, a day seems to stretch on for months. The following short film can also be viewed on YouTube  

#BlackLivesMatter Birmingham, UK (2020)

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“My heart is wretched. I’m mad, hurt, we’re suffered trauma…it’s a mental health issue. This is something black people have and we deal with and we don’t have a name for it. That’s in itself kinda crazy – the fact that we don’t have a name for it so we can’t say. People say trauma…but […]

Dutch pot: From Jamaica to Dudley

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Dutch pot from Jamaica to Dudley

How the Dutch pot connects the Caribbean diaspora through generations. “Dutch pot: From Jamaica to Dudley” won runners up in the Sundance Collab Film challenge: “Every day objects” (May, 2020) Shout out to my sister for feeding the family throughout lockdown 2020 :’) Film can also be viewed on my Youtube channel here.