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From Stigma Power to Black Poweris a graphic essay collaboration with sociology professor Imogen Tyler.

Infinite possibilities is a mutli-verse sci-fi comic, dedicated to a dear friend

Nana: The time-travelling Space Witch – a fantasy adventure webcomic

How the comics industry deals with race hosted on the Afrofutures UK website

Code-switching collaboration with Afroflux

This interview on Afrofuturism for How We Get to Next

“I defy every label” Janelle Monae fan zine

Desert Island Discs anthology

James Baldwin Painting

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Oil on Canvas, 24/01/2019 – Black Activist James Baldwin     “Someone has to find a way to put the present administration on the spot.” James Baldwin is so quotable, paintable, photogenic, and an eloquent promoter of forgiveness and loving one another, despite everything that a gay black man raised in Harlem like himself would have […]

Nina Simone Painting

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  Oil on Canvas, 24/01/2019 – Nina Simone Painting   “I’ll tell you what freedom is to me…No Fear!“ She’s the voice behind my favorite version of the song that goes Its a new dawn its a new day its a new life, and Im Feeling Good, and the dark optimism in Ain’t got no/ […]

Infinite Possibilities Sci-fi Comic

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    Process behind “Infinite Possibilities” sci-fi comic His room reflected the suddenness of his passing; plans he had were scrawled on his mirror in his purposefully illegible handwriting. Laid out over an entire wall were A4 printed sheets for every month of the year to come. Pinned to his board were magazine cut outs […]

From Stigma Power to Black Power

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In this unique graphic essay, sociologist professor Imogen Tyler transforms our understanding of what stigma is and highlights the ways in which stigma power is fiercely and collectively resisted from below.   * Read online on the Sociological Review 40 pages A4 perfect bond book with a nice matt cover Black & White (with Ink […]

Raimunda’s Clean Up

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  Raimunda’s Clean up scene from the film Volva (2006),  a story about the relationships between 3 generations of women dealing with murder and death in a rural village in Spain. Written and directed by the ever-talented Pedro Almodóvar and starring the wonderful to watch Penelope Cruz. I found this heart warming and hilarious (in […]


Dutch pot: From Jamaica to Dudley – on how the Dutch pot connects the Caribbean diaspora through generations.

The Neighbours some wild neighbourhood foxes playing at the park stop to share some wisdom.

Days: a Time Capsule – a family going about their day in lock-down.

Your silence will not protect you  – based on a conversation between my flatmate Rachel and I, sparked by the 2020 #BlackLivesMatter protests in Birmingham, UK 

The Neighbours

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foxes by charlotte bailey charlotte with film

Some wild neighbourhood foxes playing at the park stop to share some wisdom.   I couldn’t believe how close these wild foxes came up to me and I had to make a short film with the footage. I imagined the foxes wanted to tell me something… Stories are the fastest way to take in information […]

Days: a Time Capsule (Short Film June 2020)

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Days: a Time Capsule is a short film about a family going about their day in lock-down. New memories give us a sense of time, but when every day is the same, a day seems to stretch on for months. The following short film can also be viewed on YouTube  

#BlackLivesMatter Birmingham, UK (2020)

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“My heart is wretched. I’m mad, hurt, we’re suffered trauma…it’s a mental health issue. This is something black people have and we deal with and we don’t have a name for it. That’s in itself kinda crazy – the fact that we don’t have a name for it so we can’t say. People say trauma…but […]

Dutch pot: From Jamaica to Dudley

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Dutch pot from Jamaica to Dudley

How the Dutch pot connects the Caribbean diaspora through generations. “Dutch pot: From Jamaica to Dudley” won runners up in the Sundance Collab Film challenge: “Every day objects” (May, 2020) Shout out to my sister for feeding the family throughout lockdown 2020 :’) Film can also be viewed on my Youtube channel here.  


As a society we’re obsessed with cautionary tales that magnify our anxieties. It’s rare we see an optimistic vision of what could be.

This is especially the case for the Black British community. Written out of my education and out of most of the science fiction I love, growing up we didn’t belong in the past nor the future. Even when we do show up, we’re either victims of our race, supporting characters and worst of all: poorly written.

Sci fi is a great way to reimagine our future and why not imagine something good? If we can’t see it, we can’t be it. And like James Baldwin said,

“I must be an optimist, because I’m alive.”

I want to contribute to the Afrofuturism movement with the voices that travelled from Jamaica to Dudley for better opportunities for their kids.

I want to inspire greater self awareness of who we are and how far we’ve come.

Most of all, I want to spark optimism in where we are going.

If your project is taking us there I would love to support you in any way I can.

Get in touch for collaborations and to work with me as an artist, writer, fledgling filmmaker or coach!




Black Panther & Afrofuturism for CNET 

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Kill Ana: A Memoir about mental health & relationships <14k words

Planet Divoc-91 – wrote chapter two of this satire on the Covid-19 pandemic

Dream Home series- a collection of sci fi short stories that I’m working on