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Working from home during the pandemic I’ve been playing with film in my free time – subscribe to my YouTube channel for my latest work.

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Days: a Time Capsule is a short film about a family going about their day in lock-down. New memories give us a sense of time, but when every day is the same, a day seems to stretch on for months. The following short film can also be viewed on YouTube  

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“My heart is wretched. I’m mad, hurt, we’re suffered trauma…it’s a mental health issue. This is something black people have and we deal with and we don’t have a name for it. That’s in itself kinda crazy – the fact that we don’t have a name for it so we can’t say. People say trauma…but […]

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Dutch pot from Jamaica to Dudley

How the Dutch pot connects the Caribbean diaspora through generations. “Dutch pot: From Jamaica to Dudley” won runners up in the Sundance Collab Film challenge: “Every day objects” (May, 2020) Shout out to my sister for feeding the family throughout lockdown 2020 :’) Film can also be viewed on my Youtube channel here.  


I’ve published, edited & contributed to a number of anthologies and journals, including a webcomic on Afro-futurism for How We Get to Next and the graphic essay From Stigma Power to Black Power with sociologist professor Imogen Tyler.

My work has been exhibited in the Sunny Bank Mills Panel Show Exhibition in Leeds, the Jewish Museum in London, the Angouleme International Comics Festival and the Cartoon Museum in London, which was then published in the widely celebrated anthology ‘Inking Women: 250 Years of British Women Cartoon and Comic Artists’.

Since 2015 I’ve been on the team behind the international graphic novel forum LDComics and hosting workshops with Afrofutures UK. I’ m editor of LDComics’s first comic anthology Hometown & I’m currently working on the 10-year anniversary anthology edition.

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Oil on Canvas, 24/01/2019 – Black Activist James Baldwin     “Someone has to find a way to put the present administration on the spot.” James Baldwin is so quotable, paintable, photogenic, and an eloquent promoter of forgiveness and loving one another, despite everything that a gay black man raised in Harlem like himself would […]

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  Oil on Canvas, 24/01/2019 – Nina Simone Painting   “I’ll tell you what freedom is to me…No Fear!“ She’s the voice behind my favorite version of the song that goes Its a new dawn its a new day its a new life, and Im Feeling Good, and the dark optimism in Ain’t got no/ […]

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    Process behind “Infinite Possibilities” sci-fi comic His room reflected the suddenness of his passing; plans he had were scrawled on his mirror in his purposefully illegible handwriting. Laid out over an entire wall were A4 printed sheets for every month of the year to come. Pinned to his board were magazine cut outs […]