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I’m a Birmingham (UK) based artist, with a focus on graphic essays & memoirs. I mainly use ink brushes & nibs.

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My Background

I graduated from University of Leeds with a BA in English Literature & Japanese. Since 2015 I’ve been co-coordinating the Birmingham branch of the international graphic novel forum Laydeez do Comics and hosting comic workshops with Afrofutures UK. I also work part-time marketing for a non-profit. 

I’ve self-published and contributed to a number of anthologies and journals, including a graphic essay on Afrofuturism for How We Get to Next and From Stigma Power to Black Power with sociologist professor Imogen Tyler. I’m editor of LDC’s first comic anthology Hometown & I’m currently working with the team on the LDC 10-year anniversary anthology edition.

My work has been exhibited in the Cartoon Museum in London and published in the widely celebrated anthology ‘Inking Women: 250 Years of British Women Cartoon and Comic Artists’.

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My next project is Kill Ana, a graphic memoir about my best friends eating disorder, co-written with her.

I’ve recently started keeping track of my work in my blog.

I also write opinion pieces here.

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