#BlackLivesMatter UK 2020 (FULL CONVERSATION)

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Audio from the short film I made based on a conversation between my flatmate Rachel and I, sparked by the #BlackLivesMatter protests in Birmingham, UK (2020).

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Points brought up in this conversation:


Why weíre not at the protest

The anxiety felt. 

Friends, family & church that went to show their support, checking in. 


Everyoneís eyes are being opened – itís really powerful

People at home canít get away from it this time round. So theyíre having to face it. Theyíve got time, during the lockdown status around the pandemic.


I talk about my ex telling me ďBritain ended slavery”. Also capitalism, property and humanity


The times weíre in and why I had to leave my job,

plus ways to save the world 


What happens when you have spare time

The importance of people having time right now to think, read, feel and act. Time is a remedy for ignorance 


People have been intentionally blinded, but now they see. 

It’s the realness, the conversations happening – everyone knows somebody.


People seem surprised, they feel like the wool has been pulled over their eyes – the wool is privilege. They’ve never known the trauma of having dark skin. 


It’s the little things, as well. From self maintenance to media and health care to technology and algorithms.


Feels like the end of the world is coming


We’re tired. 


[Rachel]: My heart is wretched. Iím mad, hurt, weíre suffered trauma…itís a mental health issue. This is something black people have and we deal with and we donít have a name for it. Thatís in itself kinda crazy – the fact that we donít have a name for it so we canít say. People say trauma…but this level of it…where it goes up and down, and youíre told things as a kid, and itís heavy, and you can never get away with it. You have to live through it all the time. And we deal with it. Itís like weíre superhuman. 

Why donít we have a name for it? The experiences weíre having? People say trauma, but this level is heavy. And you never get away from it. But we deal with it. 


The difference between racism and racist


On light-skinned privilege.

Privilege is a hard pill to swallow. 

Those getting murdered by police, the lack on the big screen – itís darker skin.


ďI donít see colourĒ narrative- denying the reality of our skin.

Weíve had to make our own movements. 

#BlackGirlMagic – about feeling beautiful. 

Barbies & Eczema

The drama of make-up for brown skin

The struggle to find the right make up


EDL protests in Liverpool & Dudley


People are screaming how can I be an ally

Audre Lorde: ďthe masterís house will never dismantle the masterís toolsĒ 

We need our own space

My silence has not protected me, my silence will not protect you

Itís heavy and never goes away

Sometimes when Iím debating with some people itís a drain and it saps you quickly and it leaves you as someone you donít recognize.

Manipulation. Trump. Propaganda. Like North Korea

I get my news second hand – another drain.

What we want people to take away from this:

Use your voice. Share your experiences

I think that in itself is growth for a person right now.

Listen to the stories. Hear what others have to say and how they feel. 

And I think itís transformative to know your story and know where you wanna be and know where you are. It frees you up to focus on what you need to do now. Take stock of what resources you have to do it, and where you wanna go, and do the thing.

Use that energy, having these feelings, go into that, lean into that. 

Finally we touch on the song “Harder they come, the harder they fall”

A song for those who couldnít get to the protests and why that one.

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