Beginners Storyboard Artist Experience

The TV production company that my cousin worked for asked me to do them a storyboard for a TV show.

For anyone thinking of doing this, here’s what I did, and what I’d change for next time.

I had one night to do it in, as was leaving for Athens the next night, so first off I had to make peace with the fact that I was facing an all-nighter.

I factored that into the price, estimated how long it would take me realistically and researched the average amount that storyboard artists ask for on freelancing sites like people per hour.

During the actual process I timed myself so that I would have a better idea of time investment next time, which was as follows:

Sketching key scenes (using stills in other similar shows as a reference) took 2.5 hrs

Inking, 30min

Scanning & cleaning, 30min

Colouring digitally, 2.5hrs

Plus last minute edits from the client.

Overall it took about 8 hours of work.

stoaryboard art example.gif

It was a satisfying learning experience. Getting something done within a limited amount of time required me to:

  • accept mistakes & move onto the next panel
  • think about making images convey the story more clearly with less lines
  • find suitable references 

It helped me to see how much I can get done when I push myself.

Things I’d change for next time…

The edits were mainly around making the panels more clear, like whether it was a live scene or a flashback for example, so I’d factor that into the drawings.

And I’d draw digitally straight with a Wacom tablet, to save time.

Would also be careful separating layers & using masks in Photoshop, so that I can make and undo edits more easily. 

But overall it went pretty well!

Any questions drop me and email or comment below : )

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